Inside, you'll be very happy to find six classic GoodHead offerings plus a little something extra! Heat things up with the Warming Oral Delight Gel in Vanilla or cool off minty Cooling Spray. Next, add a few drops of cotton candy flavored Tingle Drops before drizzling on some mouthwatering watermelon Oral Delight Gel. For a little help with going deep, you can try out the sweet strawberry Deep Throat To-Go spray. Use the included vibrating Love Ring as a shared tool during sex, or just add a little extra buzz to some good head. 

Of course, you can follow any pleasure formula you like as you mix, match and experiment to your heart's content! If you need a little inspiration, a handy dandy Sensations Oral Pleasure Kit Quick Tips Sheet is along for the ride.

All the included GoodHead offerings contain no parabens or sugar, and are PETA certified cruelty free. The battery for the vibrating cock ring is included.


  • Tingle Drops in cotton candy - 1oz/29ml
  • Warming Oral Delight Gel in vanilla- 1oz/29ml
  • Cooling Spray - 1oz/29ml
  • Deep Throat Spray in sweet strawberry .3oz/9ml
  • Oral Delight Gel in watermelon - 1oz/29ml
  • Vibrating Love Ring
  • Sensations Oral Pleasure Kit Quick Tips Sheet

Good Head Sensations